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CutsCuts/PHC iwas formed in 1994. We have been
at the forefront of showing the world how beautiful women can be with ultra short hair.
We offered VHS video of the makeovers through 1981.  We then switched to offering the many videos through download file purchasing.

At it's height in the late 90's PHC had customers in 42 of the 50 US states, and 32 different countries around the world. We have sponsored 4 Ms Bald events, 3 years of hair-cutting summer camps for members, and numerous haircutting events. We have been on the "Jerry Springer Show" twice and the "Charles Perez" show shaving heads. Our models have been featured in tabloid magazines three times. We have even been mentioned on the show "Talk Soup" 4 different times. We have sponsored several events for Kids With Cancer raising over $32,000.00 for cancer hospitals.
Our site is a collection of all of the makeovers
we have done through the years.
I started the movement while being a stylist
and hair colorist with Clairol.
I KNOW that PHC has been the leader in the short hair fashion industry. Just look around the last
10 years to see how many celebrities have
gone ultra short.


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